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Lemonade is a software development company, creating custom solutions that solve complex challenges and drive opportunities in delivering organisations’ digital strategies. Our ultimate goal is to help businesses thrive with innovative technologies and well-crafted software development.


With over 15 years of experience in advanced software project development, we have proven methodologies for understanding the business and real-world realities that drive what a software project needs to deliver. The business processes and needs come first – the software must deliver.

We are not your typical software development company.

Software Development Services

Our passionate software engineering team

We are a technically led organisation that understand the commercial requirements of a software project. Although our offices are based across the globe (Belgium, Spain, Sweden and Argentina), our software engineering team are all like-minded individuals who share the same passion and dedication to well-crafted software development that delivers powerful business solutions and improves the world around us.

We thrive on complex challenges and we regularly work with highly sensitive data, vast numbers of integrations, varied programming languages and projects that span across the globe. Equally, we also enjoy working on niche or small projects that deliver truly focused benefits.

Working on projects that can make a real difference is something the team at Lemonade are passionate about. Whether it’s making people’s lives easier, improving their wellbeing or making their jobs more enjoyable, we work hard to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Software Engineering Team

Unique software project development for Lemonade

Our vertical sector experience continues to grow over time. The skills we have learnt in these industries are constantly being applied to any new sectors we have the opportunity to work within. Our most common sectors include education software, healthcare software, customs software and software development for government applications. Visit our case studies page for further vertical sector information >

Every project we work on is unique, so it can be hard to define a typical software project. We have worked with cloud-native and microservices, service-orientated architecture, and reactive event-based development. We create cloud-based applications, mobile-based applications, tools that effectively share sensitive data and tools that guide project processes. This list could go on, but hopefully this gives you a flavour of Lemonade’s capabilities and experience.

Software Engineering Projects

“We are careful to avoid over-engineering our software projects. Our experienced team provides a broad range of technological solutions, and these are carefully selected to deliver custom software tools that meet the specific needs of a client – to drive simplicity and efficiency.”

José | Team Lead

Supporting the community

At Lemonade, we’re all about making a positive impact, whether it’s through the software development projects we work on or the initiatives we support. We take our social responsibility very seriously, and always look for ways in which we can benefit our community.

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