Who we are

Our mission is to unravel your ideas into reality, creating software that helps you realise your dreams.

We want to be your worldwide partner in business and help you to increase efficiency by our tailor made software. We want to be the expert you come to see when you are in need of solving the most complex challenges in software.

Our sparkle in the lemonade is our brilliant team of engineers that is passionate about all aspects of software. They co-create with you as a client the software that is the best fit for your business ideas. They are an international team that is available to our clients worldwide.

Our developers all share the same values that drive them and the company.

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Our people

Our developers are no code monkeys. They are personally involved in the projects. The main value of us as a company is the team of dedicated professionals. We are committed to provide quality development. Everyone has a voice in the company that is being heard. The individual competence and character of the coworkers is essential in maintaining the quality standards for projects. We feel proud of the work delivered, and are happy to work with smart colleagues.

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We are honest. We deliver what we promise, even if we have to go the extra mile. We promote an open communication with you as a customer, so you have clear visibility on what is being delivered.

Also within the team we honour integrity and open communication, both between the developers as with management.

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We support the software craftmanship manifesto. Our developers aim not only to create working software, but are proud to design well-crafted software. Not only do we work in an agile environment, but we never forget that our final goal is to add value to our clients. We feel part of a community of professionals and aim at getting better every day through training, courses and meet-ups.

"We are careful to avoid over-engineering. Our team provides a broad range of technological solutions, thought and designed for the client’s needs only."
José Rodriguez Team lead