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ISC2 Customs software into production

ICS2 Customs software has gone into production and is now live for traders to use. The software involves the handling of goods coming in to the EU, with its primary function related to risk analysis achieved by the collection of data from all the goods prior to entering the EU.

The software will evolve to handle 50+ million interactions per day involving 160+ countries approaching the 27 EU countries. Scalability, high availability and integration have been key focus areas of the project, the software needs global operation 24 hours a day, with people’s safety at stake.

Lemonade, part of the Sword Group, has been heavily involved with the project for the past 3 years, participating in the design specifications, architecture design, software development, user interface design and build, ongoing testing, pre-launch and post-launch support and monitoring.

Congratulations to the whole team that has been working on this project to make it a success!

The next phase of the ICS2 project is integrating full air cargo (including goods) in 2023 and maritime, rail and road in 2024.


Postal/Couriers customs

Aviation/Air customs

Shipping/Maritime customs

Road/Rail customs


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