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Lemonade becomes part of the Sword Group

We are pleased to announce that Lemonade has become part of the Sword Group, which will benefit the Lemonade team and our valued customers. The two organisations have been partnering and collaborating on projects for the last seven years, and we have enjoyed a strong working relationship that has delivered great software development results – this enhanced relationship is a logical and welcome step.

Sword Group Acquisition

Lemonade will be positioned as a software innovation hub within the wider group, continuing with our focus on complex and bespoke software development. Our drive for high quality and innovation maintains core to our ongoing business strategy.

Lemonade CEO, Michael De Groeve said “Lemonade, as our customers see us, will change very little. Our strategy of working closely with customers on their digital strategy and co-created software development projects will remain. For Lemonade as a business, what will change is that we now have the support of the Sword Group behind us. That will deliver financial stability, access to experienced commercial teams, enable intelligent growth and enhanced Lemonade team investment – our team being the lifeblood of the business. We are proud to be named internally as a software innovation hub, and we aim to use that label as motivation for ongoing knowledge and skills development, and to maintain our first-class software creation levels.”

Lemonade will continue to operate from its offices in Belgium, Spain, Argentina and Sweden, with an industry focus of software development in the customs, education, government, finance, legal, logistics and transport sectors. To learn more please visit

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