REX Training for Beneficiary Country users

01 Mar 2019

2018 was definitely an amazing year for the Lemonade team within the European Union community. For the third time in a row, we had the opportunity to head to Brussels and coach the next REX users coming from the Beneficiary Countries - those which have preferential trading deals with the Europe Union.

The sessions were crowded. 13 Countries from all over the world, basically we had people from all continents. Approximately 33 enthusiastic participants. One common objective: learn the REX System aiming at applying it in their own Country.

The class was so full that there barely had sits for everyone, and it forced the DG-TAXUD Business Unit - who also always attends the training - to improvised some extra tables on the corner of the room - however, this was far from causing any sort of annoyance on them. They were as amazed as we were.

Now, talking about the sessions themselves, our agenda consists of going through the IT REX System during two days dedicated mostly for hands-on exercises, thus reaching all the functionalities developed to support the Registration Export Business. The training cover since the very beginning when the participants must set up their users and assign the roles, until finally registering their firsts exporters.

Facilitating a training is challenging. Challenging because we are coping with people with different cultural backgrounds, different experiences, different technical backgrounds. For this reason, the main value we must carry all the time is respect.

Rex Bc Training

Challenging because we are responsible for conveying correctly all the information as well, in a way that it can reach everybody and it is understandable for everybody.

As a result, we should look after the way it is being presented, the vocabulary being chosen and the way the concerns and the doubts of the participants raise are addressed.

Despite that, it was stunned to see how the environment was collaborative and how the trainees were focused on getting all the information we were providing.

A practical example of what I've just said was when two of the participants were having doubts about a specific given content and a participant from another country, out of the blue, asked for permission to respond to them. This participant simply did a perfect wrap up of the content we had covered until that moment without hesitation and, this leads the other two participants to follow up the content.

In the end, the challenging aspect I mentioned previously suddenly turns into a feeling of gratefulness because it was clear that we were moving forward through the right path.

We went back home with our baggage full of not only lessons learned, which are helpful to keep up improving the training and, more importantly, the REX IT system, but also with plenty of remarkable experiences.

Daniel Ferreira Zanchetta
Functional Analyst at Lemonade