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Software platform deployed in the fight against COVID

International software development company Lemonade is now helping to keep schools open during the COVID pandemic. Their LARS software platform was originally developed as an integrated wellbeing tool for 1.2 million pupils aged 2½-18 in the Flanders region of Belgium. It has now been updated and deployed in the fight against COVID on behalf of the regional and national governments, supporting track and trace, fast-testing and likely vaccination roll-out as this becomes available.

The LARS software platform was launched in 2009 for CLB, who provide guidance and advice for pupils, parents and education professionals across the key areas of education, welfare health and careers. The software puts the individual pupil at its centre and enables access and interpretation of key data in an electronic format – ensuring every pupil receives the correct support where needed.

The software is an ideal tool in the fight against COVID as it:

  1. Processes and communicates contact-tracing in schools.
  2. Identifies pupils in high-risk groups.
  3. Fully integrates with the government#s central COVID system
  4. Creates and sends free PCR prescription codes to all high-risk students
  5. Communicates with parents and schools and creates appropriate follow-ups.
  6. Monitors self-isolation from schools.
  7. Provides an existing vaccination tool.
  8. Supplies data through a direct feed to government agencies.
  9. Potential plans for fast-track testing for pupils.

Additional integrations have been created with e-health and the Care & Health Department.

Micheal De Groeve, CEO at Lemonade Software comments:

“The LARS software platform is a powerful and robust tool in the fight against COVID because it already monitors and manages the wellbeing of 1.2 million pupils, processing a spread of individual pupil data in a single location, and supporting a range of different user needs”.

Learn more about LARS and the fight against COVID to keep schools open

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