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Software Development Projects -
Case Studies

Lemonade specialise in software development projects where bringing together information can be complex, the application can be business-critical and there are a host of integration requirements. Our expertise and experience deliver quality results for enterprise software development projects.


Software Development Services

The below case studies highlight our capability to handle millions of transactions, multiple integrations, but equally smaller projects involving the effective control of confidential information that can make a major difference to people’s lives.

Our experience and speciality in software development projects include customs software, education software, healthcare software, government software, logistics software, transport software, finance and legal software. We have also worked on many European Union software projects.

We are trusted to work on many confidential projects and therefore, cannot list many of them here, but please talk to us to discuss if our experience is relevant to your software project.

Can we help with your next software
development project?

Have you received inspiration from the case studies above? Or, do you have a potential software project that you would like to discuss? Please do not hesitate in contacting the Lemonade team to kickstart your project.

We talk to many businesses about their business software opportunities. We can offer early advice in your software project that can save you a lot of project time. We have tried and tested project methodologies.

Can we help?

If you have received inspiration from our case studies, or you have a potential project that you would like to discuss please do not hesitate in contacting Lemonade.

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