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Lemonade is your expert software development agency. With 15 years’ experience of enterprise-based software project management, our projects have covered both private enterprise and government software developments and have made a significant positive difference to society. Through our collaborative and hands-on approach, we assist organisations in driving their digital strategies and bringing their ideas to reality.

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Our technically led, in-house teams comprise of experienced and dedicated software engineers who deliver custom software development projects to the highest standards, on time and within budget.

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A Collaborative Approach to Custom
Software Development

An Extension of Your Team

We start with a collaborative approach on all projects, working meticulously and closely with our customers to define and understand their organisational goals and software development project requirements. This early process is vital to long-term success. We advance your project to effectively deliver quality results. Our extensive business knowledge and experience accelerate the whole process, ensuring real results when you need them.

A Software Development Agency with Proven Value

We provide our customers with a holistic custom software development solution. We are passionate about what we do, and this passion is instilled throughout Lemonade’s company ethos. Lemonade is not your average software development company, we are an honest, hardworking and dedicated team ready to kickstart your ideas into powerful business solutions.

We’re always proud to work on projects which have a beneficial impact on society, and are driven not only by our passion for technology and innovation, but also by our aim to make the world a better place through software development that benefits our global community.

The range of businesses that we work with is expanding with time. Our core software project specialities focus around healthcare software, education software, government software, customs software, logistics and transport software or finance and legal software development.

Our experience of complex regulations, extensive integration levels, high value in data and large project scales ensures Lemonade’s solid fit for these vertical sectors.

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Got a software project in mind but don’t yet have a conclusive project brief? No problem.

We are happy, in fact actively embrace being involved at the very early stages of potential software projects. Together we can evaluate the business needs of your software project. Our team of expert software engineering specialists can help define your tailored software project specifications, ensuring business and technical goals are set out early in the project. Measurable specifications that ensure the project delivers results and is delivered on time.

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If you have received inspiration from our case studies, or you have a potential project that you would like to discuss please do not hesitate in contacting Lemonade.

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We deliver fantastic advanced software projects as a united team that enjoys what they do. We are a growing organisation… maybe you would like a fresh challenge?

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